Spectrum Access: EHF licences

Cyhoeddwyd: 21 Mai 2021

The Spectrum Access: EHF licence is for people and businesses to access four Extremely High Frequency (EHF) bands for a wide range of wireless connectivity applications.

To support innovation, the Spectrum Access: EHF Licence is available for applications. Each licence will enable access to one of these bands across the UK on a non-protection and non-interference basis, with use of multiple devices permitted.

The licence grants access to any one of the following bands, on a 'one band per licence' basis:

  • 57-71GHz
  • 116-122 GHz
  • 174.8-182 GHz
  • 185-190 GHz

For further information or guidance on the Spectrum Access: EHF licence, please see the sections below.

Spectrum Access: EHF guidance

Our Spectrum Access: EHF licence guidance (PDF, 787.8 KB) includes details on licence fees, the application process and licence terms and conditions.

Apply for a Spectrum Access: EHF licence

Use the Spectrum Access: EHF licence application form (PDF, 977.5 KB) to apply for a licence.

How much will the licence cost?

The fee for this licence will be £75, renewable every five years.

Technical information

The full technical information is available in the UK Interface Requirement (IR) 2106 (PDF, 269.4 KB).

60 GHz band (57-71 GHz) – Exempt Use

If a 57 to 71 GHz system and/or stations operates at or below 40dBm EIRP then this equipment may (subject to meeting relevant criteria) be authorised under licence exemption regulations.  In these cases, a licence to use this equipment would not be not required.  Details of the technical conditions that must be met for licence exempt operation can be found in UK Interface Requirement (IR) 2030 (PDF, 921.8 KB) (see IR2030/7/2 and IR2030/7/4).  See also section 1.8 in the guidance notes (PDF, 787.8 KB).

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