Spectrum Pricing: A framework for setting cost based fees

Cyhoeddwyd: 22 Ebrill 2024
Ymgynghori yn cau: 18 Rhagfyr 2013
Statws: Ar gau (cyhoeddwyd y datganiad)

1.1 This Statement sets out our decision to adopt a WT Act fees framework and cost allocation methodology for licence classes where we apply cost based fees, as set out in our consultation on 'Spectrum Pricing: A framework for setting cost based fees’. This work built on our spectrum pricing policy, as set out in our Strategic Review of Spectrum Pricing in 2010 (the SRSP 2010), which established a framework for setting fees for Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 (the WT Act) licences.

1.2 We received eleven responses to our consultation in which stakeholders gave their broad support for our cost based fees framework and cost allocation methodology. We also applied the cost based fees framework to develop fee proposals for DTT WT Act multiplexes. In general, respondents sought clarification on our methodology and its application rather than expressing objections to our approach or proposed fees.

1.3 We have carefully considered comments raised by stakeholders and provided additional clarification in this Statement on a number of matters of detail. We consider this additional information addresses the concerns respondents raised and demonstrates the representativeness and proportionality of our original proposals.


1.4 We have therefore concluded that we will adopt our proposed framework for the purpose of setting cost based WT Act fees, and the following fees will be implemented for DTT WT Act multiplexes, to be payable from 2014 on the commencement date shown for each multiplex licence

1.5 We have also planned a number of sectoral fee reviews (see the indicative roadmap at Figure 5 in Section 4). We will apply our cost based fees framework to these future sectoral fee reviews (where licence classes are cost based),and consult on our approach where changes are proposed.

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