Usability and accessibility research

Cyhoeddwyd: 20 Mai 2024
Diweddarwyd diwethaf: 23 Hydref 2023

We believe in accessible communications for everyone.

This section covers research in a number of related areas: usability of devices and services, and accessibility, particularly in relation to older people and those with disabilities; specific communications technologies such as audio description and text relay; and the accessibility of communications services for the purposes of active citizenship.

Our access and inclusion research looks at how well communications services meet the needs of consumers, especially those who may be in vulnerable circumstances.

Ofcom consulted with British Sign Language (BSL) users to understand more about their usage of and satisfaction with accessible programming on TV and on-demand services.

A short questionnaire was provided to respondents which looked particularly at:

  • sign-interpreted programming, which is where a signer on the corner of the screen translates the dialogue into sign language
  • sign-presented programming, which is where all the characters and presenters use sign language; and
  • subtitled programming, which is where text on screen represents speech and sound effects

This document includes a summary of the results and the data tables.

Survey on TV Viewing Among BSL users (PDF, 391.3 KB)

Ofcom Survey on TV viewing among BSL users

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