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Ofcom Carbon Audit

08 Gorffennaf 2010

Ofcom is committed to reducing its carbon emissions. This reflects both a desire to reduce our overhead costs and waste, as well as to play a part in reducing the UKs overall emissions alongside other public sector bodies and businesses.

Ofcom published the results from its first carbon audit in 2008, and subsequently committed to a challenging 25% reduction in emissions by 2012/13 compared to a 2006/7 baseline.

Ofcom has since undertaken a variety of initiatives to reduce internal carbon emissions as part of its Footprint project, and recently received the results from a second audit which assessed progress against the overall reduction target.

The second audit showed that Ofcom's 2008/9 footprint was 4,716 tonnes compared to the base-year footprint of 5,525 tonnes. This equates to a reduction of 809 tonnes between 2006/7 and 2008/9, or a 15% reduction in emissions. This is substantial progress towards the overall reduction target, and Ofcom will continue to monitor its progress in subsequent years.

Note that the original carbon audit showed a baseline footprint of 6,402 tonnes of CO2, however this was retrospectively updated by the carbon auditors in 2009 to account for revised carbon methodology, changes in conversion factors to align with Defra updates and minor changes to base-year input data.

Simon Miller, Consultancy Director at Best Foot Forward Limited, Ofcom's carbon auditors, said, Throughout our work, Ofcom has been committed to gathering data, fully understanding the auditing process and implementing practical steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For these reasons, Best Foot Forward recognises Ofcom as a leading organisation in embedding carbon accounting within its operations.

Ofcom is also pleased to announce that its commitment to carbon reduction has been recognised by the recent attainment of Carbon Trust Standard certification. The Carbon Trust Standard is an independent accreditation which is awarded to organisations that measure, manage and reduce their annual carbon footprint. NOTES

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Published 04 July 2008