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Decision and Revocation - Iman FM

27 Gorffennaf 2017

Ofcom has revoked the community radio licence held by Iman Media UK Limited, following an investigation.

The company held a community radio licence, broadcasting Iman FM radio over a five-kilometre radius in the Sheffield area.

On 4 July, Ofcom exercised its powers under section 111B of the Broadcasting Act 1990 to suspend Iman FM’s licence. This followed extremely serious breaches of the Broadcasting Code, after it aired material likely to incite or encourage the commission of crime or to lead to disorder.

Ofcom also has an ongoing duty to be satisfied that community radio licensees are fit and proper to hold a licence.

Following both written and oral representations from Iman Media UK Limited, Ofcom has decided that it is necessary in the public interest to revoke the licensee’s Broadcasting Act licence, and that the licensee is unfit to hold a broadcast licence.

The service has been off-air since 4 July and will not be reinstated.

Breach Decision - Iman FM (PDF, 837.0 KB)

Revocation Notice - Iman FM (PDF, 797.9 KB)