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Own initiative investigation into Plusnet plc about its compliance with metering and billing requirements.

27 Mai 2016

Complainant: Ofcom own-initiative
Investigation against: Plusnet plc
Case opened:  27 May 2016
Issue: Whether Plusnet has complied with its obligations under General Condition 11 requiring Communications Providers (“CPs”) to accurately bill consumers for their usage of communication services. 
Relevant instrument: General Condition 11 (specifically 11.1) of the General Conditions of Entitlement (“GCs”).

Following consideration of information provided by Plusnet in response to Ofcom’s enquiries, Ofcom has decided to open an investigation into Plusnet’s compliance with GC 11. GC 11 places obligations upon all CPs to, amongst other things, ensure that every amount stated in a bill is accurate. 

GC 11.1 states that:

“The Communications Provider shall not render any Bill to an End-User in respect of the provision of any Public Electronic Communications Services unless every amount stated in that Bill represents and does not exceed the true extent of any such service actually provided to the End-User in question.”

Plusnet has provided information indicating that it may have charged some customers for a telephone or broadband service that was not live for a period of time between 2008 and 2015. Ofcom has therefore decided to open an investigation that will examine whether there are reasonable grounds to believe Plusnet has failed to comply with its obligations under GC 11.

Case Leader: Stephen Green (email:
Case Reference: CW/01178/04/16