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Telecoms and pay-TV complaints from January to March 2016

08 Gorffennaf 2016

08 July 2016

Ofcom has today published data on the volume of consumer complaints it received against the major providers of telecoms and pay TV services.

The latest report covers the three-month period from January to March 2016 (Q1).

It includes complaints made about providers of landline telephone, home broadband, pay monthly mobile and pay TV services. Complaints figures are presented per 100,000 customers.

Comparing performance

By publishing complaints data, Ofcom aims to give people who are looking for a new provider useful information for comparing companies' performance. The quarterly reports also offer an incentive to providers to improve their performance.

The total volume of telecoms and pay TV complaints made to Ofcom remained stable between Q4 2015 and Q1 2016, with a slight decline in pay-monthly mobile complaints.

Landline complaints


Broadband complaints


Pay-monthly mobile complaints


Pay TV complaints