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Ofcom awards spectrum licence to Qualcomm UK Spectrum Ltd

16 Mai 2008

16 May 2008

Ofcom today announced the outcome of its fifth auction of radio spectrum.

This auction was for spectrum in the 1452-1492 MHz band, known as L-band. This is suitable for offering services such as mobile television, wireless broadband and satellite radio.

The outcome of the auction is that a licence to use the spectrum has been awarded to Qualcomm UK Spectrum Ltd. The licence fee paid was £8,334,000.

Ofcom's fifth auction of radio spectrum is part of a wider programme to release spectrum for a range of uses. Other future awards include spectrum at 2.6GHz and the spectrum that will be released through the switchover to digital television - known as the digital dividend.

The auction was held online from the 6 May 2008 to the 14 May 2008. Qualcomm UK Spectrum Ltd will be able to use its licence with immediate effect.

The spectrum has been released on a technology and service neutral basis, allowing the user the flexibility to decide what technology to use, what services to offer and to change their use of the spectrum over time. The licence issued is tradable.

The full results of the spectrum auction can be found here