Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Volunteering and community

22 Medi 2010

Engage, inspire and develop colleagues whilst proactively seeking to support our local community.

At Ofcom we believe that volunteering and participating in community schemes is a cost effective way for colleagues to gain new skills and engage with our local stakeholders.

To ensure that we make a positive impact, Ofcom has established a Colleague Volunteer Scheme which enables colleagues to make a difference to the community in which we work. Ofcom supports colleague time to volunteer and we have multiple volunteering opportunities open to all colleagues.

For example, we run a reading mentoring scheme with a local primary school in Southwark, through which colleagues coach young children to improve their literacy skills. We work with Career Ready to provide internships and mentoring for 16 to 17 year old students. We also encourage teams to take an away day volunteering at a place of their choice; these can range from the Blackfriars Settlement where colleagues can provide local community support, to the London Wildlife Trust who help maintain nature reserves across London.