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Business Connectivity Market Review 2016

  • Dechrau: 15 Mai 2015
  • Statws: Datganiad a gyhoeddwyd
  • Diwedd: 31 Gorffennaf 2015

Ofcom's Business Connectivity Market Review (BCMR) examines the markets for the provision of leased lines to businesses in the UK.

Leased lines are high-quality, dedicated, point-to-point data transmission services used by businesses and providers of communications services. As well as being essential components of many businesses communications systems, they are also essential to support the provision of mobile telephone and fixed residential broadband services.

Every three years, Ofcom conducts a review of competition in the markets for the provision of leased lines in the UK. Where we find that a provider has "significant market power" (SMP) in a market (i.e. that they are able to act independently of competition) we impose regulations designed to address concerns about the impact of that market power on competition.

Revocation of measures imposed in Business Connectivity Market Review and imposition of Temporary Conditions

As a result of an appeal brought by BT against aspects of the 2016 review, Ofcom is required to reconsider a number of issues in a new analysis of the markets. In the meantime the regulation of the services set in the 2016 review has to be removed. Ofcom has the power to make temporary arrangements for reasons of urgency and where exceptional circumstances apply. This statement imposes, in the period until March 2019, temporary regulation for the services and areas where we continue to find that BT has significant market power until the new analysis is completed.

BCMR Revocation Notification (PDF, 212.0 KB)

BCMR Temporary Conditions (PDF, 875.4 KB)

BCMR Temporary Conditions annex 1: Legal instruments (PDF, 1.1 MB)

BCMR Temporary Conditions CPI-X Model (XLSM, 8.4 MB)

We are separately consulting on the appropriateness of imposing additional dark fibre obligations for the markets set out in this statement.

Consultation, statements and updates

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