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UHF and VHF spectrum planning - Call for inputs to Ofcom’s plans for the potential procurement of models, tools & services

  • Dechrau: 26 Gorffennaf 2013
  • Statws: Ar gau
  • Diwedd: 04 Hydref 2013

1.1 Like much of the radio spectrum, key frequency bands in UHF and VHF are being used ever more intensively. The switchover from analogue to digital TV; the introduction of new services such as LTE in 800 MHz; and the development of innovative new technologies like white space devices all place new demands on the spectrum. As a result there is increasing reliance on frequency planning and spectrum management information to ensure that the spectrum is used as efficiently as possible while seeking to ensure the protection of the services that use it.

1.2 As the licensing and spectrum management authority, Ofcom plays a major part in this planning and spectrum management process. We expect to continue to need tools and services which help us achieve this for the foreseeable future. As is good practice for the public sector we need to review the tools and services we use from time to time.

1.3 We also believe that information about this important national spectrum resource should be available to interested parties, in line with best practice across the public sector.

1.4 Accordingly, over the next year or so, we will be considering what tools and services are necessary to meet future requirements and the range of options open to us to ensure we can satisfy those requirements. We may need extensions to be made to the existing spectrum planning model or embark on a potential procurement of new UHF and VHF spectrum planning models, tools and services. In this call for inputs, we provide an overview of the work that Ofcom is planning to undertake regarding future spectrum planning requirements for broadcast and other services in these bands. We are seeking input from stakeholders on the following specific areas:

  • The planning scenarios that we are likely to have to address over the next few years and the technologies that could be involved.
  • The factors that are relevant for us to consider when assessing the impacts and benefits associated with addressing the evolution in spectrum planning requirements for DTT and DAB, and associated potential changes in requirements for a spectrum planning model.
  • Requirements that other users might have from such tools.
  • The outline work plan for achieving these objectives.

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