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Consultation: Copper retirement – conditions under which copper regulation could be completely withdrawn in ultrafast exchanges

  • Dechrau: 15 Hydref 2020
  • Statws: Ar gau
  • Diwedd: 26 Tachwedd 2020

In this consultation, we propose to revise our WFTMR proposals to allow for the withdrawal of remaining regulations on copper services, where fibre services are available, and where certain conditions are met in exchanges where ultrafast coverage is complete.

Withdrawal of remaining copper regulation would apply two years after Openreach gives the relevant notification. Notification could be published once Openreach has completed ultrafast coverage of an exchange area, when or after take-up of copper services is less than 10% of relevant premises in a completed exchange, and only where measures are put in place to support vulnerable consumers. Our proposals would not apply to Critical National Infrastructures.

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