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Consultation: Secklow Sounds (Milton Keynes) – Request to change Key Commitments

  • Dechrau: 11 Hydref 2019
  • Statws: Ar gau
  • Diwedd: 08 Tachwedd 2019

A community radio station’s Key Commitments set out the type of service it is required to provide, and form a part of its licence. When a request to change Key Commitments constitutes a significant departure from the character of service, the request is subject to consultation.

Ofcom is considering a Key Commitments change request submitted by Secklow Sounds CIC, which broadcasts to the urban area of Milton Keynes as ‘Secklow Sounds’.

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Responder name Type
Community Media Association (PDF File, 104.6 KB) Organisation
Name withheld 1 (PDF File, 92.5 KB) Individual
Name withheld 2 (PDF File, 106.7 KB) Individual
Name withheld 3 (PDF File, 107.7 KB) Individual
Name withheld 4 (PDF File, 111.6 KB) Individual