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Notice of proposals to make the Wireless Telegraphy (White Space Devices) (Exemption) Regulations 2015

  • Dechrau: 06 Tachwedd 2015
  • Statws: Datganiad a gyhoeddwyd
  • Diwedd: 07 Rhagfyr 2015

About this document

This document is a consultation on draft regulations to enable use of white space devices in the UHF TV band under a licence-exemption regime, which would implement a decision announced in February.

"White spaces" are gaps in the radio spectrum in frequency bands, which can be used to offer new wireless applications to benefit consumers and businesses.

The white spaces covered by the draft regulations are in frequencies currently used for digital terrestrial TV and wireless microphones, among other services, in the 470 to 790 MHz spectrum band. Use of white space devices would be permitted on the basis that the devices meet certain technical conditions.

To avoid harmful interference being caused to existing spectrum users, devices will need to communicate with databases which will apply rules, set by Ofcom, to put limits on the power levels at which devices can operate.

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