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Camera control

09 Chwefror 2015

All 12.5 kHz bandwidth

VHF 181 MHz
181.74375 181.70625
181.76875 181.78125*


Normally assigned at 5 Watts e.r.p. For large OB sites, we may be able to assign higher powers, however in considering such applications we will consider the potential for interference to co-sited wireless microphones.

The two channels marked * are adjacent and may be available as a single 25 kHz channel.

UHF 462 MHz
462.76875 462.85625
462.93125 462.98125


In order to avoid intermodulation problems with talkback channels, the e.r.p. (transmitter power x antenna gain) will be strictly limited to 1 Watt. Also the use of an antenna isolator (circulator) is highly recommended.

The 462 MHz band is primarily intended for theatre and studio talkback, and so its use for camera control is very limited in urban areas. For London Channel 21, may be a better option, see below.

UHF Channel 21 (473 MHz)
473.275 473.300


Due to the heavy use of 462 MHz for theatre talkback in London there are alternative frequencies available in TV channel 21 for camera control. These are available at erp 1W.

Some channels in the 470 - 790 MHz range are currently being reviewed for other uses.

In addition to these frequencies, certain bands such as 458 MHz are available for type-approved, licence exempt equipment.

Fees (per 12.5 kHz unless stated)

Band 48hr Carnet 60 Carnet 480
181 MHz £8.50 £472 £3060
462 MHz £8.50 £472 £3060
473 MHz £2.75 £153 £990
1 - 2 GHz £17 per 5 MHz