Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

‘Easy Read’ mobile phone guide

17 Rhagfyr 2013

Easy read mobileOfcom has published a guide to using a mobile phone, designed to be easily understood by people with learning disabilities.

Ofcom is the first UK regulatory body to publish consumer advice in the 'Easy Read' format, which makes information more accessible to people with learning disabilities.

Easy Read presents information in a clear and simple way and uses pictures to support the meaning of the text. It can also be helpful for those with a limited knowledge of the English language.

The guide was produced in partnership with a specialist Easy Read agency and meets current European and UK Government standards for making written information easily understandable.

Helping people with learning difficulties

The Easy Read guide offers advice to people with learning difficulties on how to get the most out of their mobile phone and on how much it could cost. It gives useful information on:

  • the different types of mobile phone handsets available;
  • the costs of mobile phone calls and ways to pay;
  • free services available for disabled customers; and
  • how to complain when things go wrong.

Download the guide