Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Register of persons with powers under the Electronic Communications Code

23 Mehefin 2022

This register lists companies that have been granted powers under the Electronic Communications Code. It is a long list so the easiest way to find a company is to use the A-Z buttons below. You can also press the Ctrl and F keys at the same time and then type a company's name into the search box.

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Company name
1310 Limited
3itee Limited
4 Fibre Limited
4th Utility Holdings Limited
5ibre Limited


Company name
AE Technology Services I UK Limited (formerly Liberty Property CO II Limited)
Airband Community Internet Limited
Airwave Solutions Limited
Affiniti Integrated Solutions Limited
Affinity Systems Limited
Affinity Water Limited
AJ Technology Limited
Allpoints Fibre Limited
Alnwick Computerware Ltd
APC Communications Solutions Ltd
Aquind Limited
Ark Data Centres Limited
Arqiva Limited
Arqiva Communications Ltd
Anglian Water Services Ltd
AT&T Global Network Services (UK) B.V.
Atlas Communications NI Limited
(aq) Limited
Atlas Tower Group Limited
Axione Fibre Limited
Axione UK Limited


Company name
BAI Communications Ltd
Bolt Pro Tem Limited
Borderlink Broadband Limited
Boundless Networks Ltd
Box Broadband Limited
Briant Broadband Ltd
Brightstar Limited
Bristol Water Plc
Britannia Towers II Ltd
British Telecommunications plc
Broadband for Rural Kent Ltd
Broadband for the Rural North Limited
Broadway Partners Limited
Brsk Limited


Company name
Cambridge Fibre Networks Limited
Cellnex Connectivity Solutions Limited
Cellnex Newco 1 Limited
Cellnex UK Limited
CityFibre Metro Networks Limited
CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Limited
CloudHQ Didcot Fibre GP Ltd
Cogent Communications UK Ltd
COLT Technology Services
Complete Technology Group Limited
Commsworld Limited
Communications Infrastructure Networks Limited (formerly Maximus Networks Ltd)
Community Fibre Limited
Connexin Limited
Converged Communication Solutions Limited
Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Limited
County Broadband Limited


Company name
Delambre Infrastructure Ltd
Digital Infrastructure Ltd
Dwr Cymru Cyfyngedig


Company name
EE Limited
Eircom UK Ltd
Energy Assets Fibre Networks Limited
Energis Communications Limited
The Environment Agency
EU Networks Fiber UK Limited
euNetworks The Loop Limited
Exascale Limited
Exponential-e Limited


Company name
Factco Limited
F & W Networks Ltd
Fibre Assets Limited
Fibrenation Limited
FibreSpeed Limited
Fibrewave Networks
Fibrus Networks Ltd (formerly B4B Networks Ltd)
Fibrus Networks GB Ltd
FLAG Atlantic UK Limited
Freedom Fibre Limited
Freshwave Facilities Limited (Formerly Spyder Facilities Limited)
Fujitsu Services Limited
Full Fibre Limited


Company name
G. Network Communications Limited
Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd
GeneSYS Telecommunications Limited
Gigaair Ltd
Gigaclear Limited (formerly Gigaclear plc)
Giganet Limited (formerly M 12 Solutions Limited)
Glide Business Limited (formerly WarwickNet Limited)
Glide Fibre Limited (formerly Concept Solutions People Ltd)
Global Reach Networks Limited
Go Internet Ltd
Grain Communications Limited (formerly Solway Communications Limited)
Grayshott Gigabit Limited
GTT International B.V. (formerly KPN EuroRings B.V.)


Company name
Hampstead Fibre Limited
Hen Beudy Services Limited
Hibernia Atlantic (UK) Limited
Hibernia Express (UK) Limited
Highlands and Islands Enterprise
Hutchison 3G UK Limited
Hyperoptic Ltd


Company name
I4 Technology Group Limited
In Focus Public Networks Ltd
Integrated Digital Services Limited
Internet Central Ltd
Internet Connections Limited
Internetty Ltd
Interoute Networks Limited (formerly i-21 Limited)
ITS Technology Group Limited
IX Wireless Limited


Company name
Jurassic Fibre Limited


Company name
KCOM Group Limited (formerly KCOM Group plc)


Company name
Lancaster University Network Services Limited
Liberty Charge Limited
Lightning Fibre Limited
Lightspeed Networks Ltd (formerly MGMT Ltd)
Lit Fibre Group Ltd (formerly Broadreach Networks Limited)
Lothian Broadband Networks Limited
Lumen Technologies UK Limited


Company name
Michael Aubrey Partnership Limited
MLL Telecom Ltd
MS3 Networks Ltd
My Fibre Limited


Company name
NATS (En Route) PLC
NATS (Services) Limited
Neos Networks Limited (formerly SSE Telecommunications Limited)
Netomnia Limited
Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
Neutralone Limited
NextGenAccess Ltd.
Nile UK Service Company Limited
NGE Contracting Limited
NNXYZ Limited (formerly Neos Networks Limited)
Northumbrian Water Limited
NWP Street Ltd
Nynet Limited


Company name
Obelisk Networks (UK) Limited
Ociusnet UK Ltd
OGI Networks Limited (formerly Net Support UK Limited)
Ontix Sites No. 1 Ltd (formerly Ontix Limited)        
ON Tower UK Limited (formerly Arqiva Services Limited) 
ON Tower UK 1 Limited (formerly Arqiva No 2 Limited)
ON Tower UK 2 Limited (formerly Arqiva No 3 Limited)
Open Fibre Networks Limited (formerly Independent Next Generation Networks Limited)
Open Infra Limited
Open Network Systems Limited
Optical Fibre Infrastructure Limited (formerly Optifi Ltd)
Optify Mediaforce Limited (Formerly PCCW Global Networks (UK) Limited)
Orange Personal Communication Services Ltd
Orbital Net Ltd


Company name
People's Fibre Ltd
Persimmon Homes Limited
Pine Media Limited


Company name
Quickline Communications Limited


Company name
Radius BTS Limited
Railsite Telecom Limited
Reach Europe Ltd
Redshelf Ltd
RunFibre Ltd


Company name Ltd
Scottish Water
Sea Fibre Networks Ltd
Secure Web Services Limited
Severn Trent Water Ltd
Severn Trent Retail Services Limited
Simply Fibre Limited
Simwood Networks Limited
Sky Telecommunications Services Limited
Sky UK Limited
Smallworld Cable Limited (formerly Smallworld Media Communications Limited)
Solway Communications Limited
South East Water Limited (formerly South East Water plc)
South West Water Ltd
Spring Fibre Limited
Sprintlink UK Ltd
Stix Internet Limited
Subtopia Limited
Suez Advanced Solutions UK Limited
Sutton and East Surrey Water Plc
Swish Fibre Limited


Company name
Talk Talk Communications Limited
Tata Communications (UK) Limited
Telcom Infrastructure Limited
Telewest Limited
Telefonica UK Limited
Telia Carrier UK Limited (formerly Teliasonera International Carrier UK Limited)
Tewdric Energy Limited
Thames Water Utilities Ltd
The Fibre Guys Ltd (Formerly Fidelity Broadband Ltd)
The Wireless Infrastructure Company Limited
The Wireless Asset Company Limited
Telecommunications Wireless and Infrastructure Services Limited
Telent Technology Services Limited
Thus Group Holdings Limited
TIBUS (trading as The Internet Business Limited)
Tiger Fibre Limited
toob Limited
Trooli Ltd (formerly Call Flow Solutions Limited)
Truespeed Communications Ltd.


Company name
UK Broadband Limited
Ulstercom Ltd
United Utilities Plc
UPP Corporation Limited (formerly Fibre Me Limited)
Urban Innovation Company (UIC) Limited, (formerly Euro Payphone Ltd)
Urbanfibre Limited


Company name
Verizon UK Ltd
Virgin Media Limited
Virgin Media National Networks Limited
Virgin Media Networks Limited (formerly Liberty Networks Limited)
Virgin Media Wholesale Limited
Vispa Limited
Vodafone Enterprise UK (formerly Cable & Wireless UK)
Vodafone Limited
Voneus Limited
Vorboss Limited
VX Fiber Limited


Company name
Welink Communications (UK) Ltd (formerly Intechnology Wifi Limited)
Wessex Internet Limited
Wessex Water Services Ltd
Westnetworks Innovations Limited
WHP Telecoms Limited
WhyFibre Limited
Wifinity Limited
Wightfibre Limited
Wildcard UK Limited
Wildanet Limited
WPD Telecoms Limited (formerly Surf Telecoms Limited)


Company name


Company name
Yesfibre Ltd
Yorkshire Water Service Ltd


Company name
Zayo Group UK Limited
Zoom Internet Limited
Zzoomm PLC