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Customer Codes of Practice for handling complaints and resolving disputes

17 Hydref 2006


  1. Section 52 of the Communications Act 2003 places a duty on Ofcom to set general conditions to ensure that communications providers establish and maintain procedures to, amongst other things, handle complaints and resolve disputes between them and their domestic and small business customers.
  2.  General Condition 14 (GC14) is the relevant condition for complaint handling and dispute resolution (
  3. Under GC14.4 communications providers must have and comply with procedures that conform to the Ofcom Approved Code of Practice for Complaints Handling when handling complaints made by domestic and small business customers. A copy of the Code of Practice and accompanying guidance has been provided below.
  4. Under General Condition 14.5 providers are obliged to implement and comply with a dispute resolution scheme ('ADR'). 
  5. There are penalties for non-compliance with General Condition 14. Under Section 96 of the Act, Ofcom may impose a penalty of up to ten per cent of turnover for failure to comply with a formal notification within the time period specified.