Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Internet use and attitudes

Ofcom’s annual Internet Use and Attitudes report is published as part of our media literacy duties. It provides data on adults' media use and attitudes across TV, radio, games, mobile and the internet, with a particular focus on online use and attitudes.

This section also contains research on related areas, including the Internet Citizen report, which reflects Ofcom’s role in furthering the interests of citizens, seeking to ensure that people have access to the services and content they need in order to participate fully in society.


Adults Media Use and Attitudes Report 2016, Apr 2016


Internet Citizens 2015 Dec 2015

Ofcom Report on internet safety measures Dec 2015

Adult's media use and attitudes report 2015 May 2015


Internet Citizens 2014  Dec  2014

Protecting audiences in an online world Dec 2014

Adults' Media Use and Attitudes Report 2014 Apr 2014

Apps Environment research report Mar 2014


Internet Citizens 2013  Nov 2013

Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes Report, 2013 Oct 2013

Being online: an investigation of peoples habits and attitudes  Jun 2013

The Value of User-Generated Content  Jun 2013

Adults' media use and attitudes report 2013 Apr 2013

Children and parents: Media use and attitudes in the nations Feb 2013


The London 2012 Olympic Games: media consumption - research report  Dec 2012

Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes Report Oct 2012

Websites visited by children: Nielsen analysis Oct 2012

Internet use and attitudes bulletin Jul 2012


Children and parents: media use and attitudes report  Oct 2011

Internet use and attitudes metrics bulletin Jul 2011


Online trust and privacy: people’s attitudes and behaviour Dec 2010

Digital Participation - 2010 Metrics Bulletin Jul 2010


Social Networking Apr 2008


How people assess online content and services Nov 2009

Children's and young people's access to online content on mobile devices, games consoles and portable media players  Sep 2009

Digital Lifestyles: parents of children under 16  Jun 2009

Not online, not included  Jun 2009

Digital Lifestyles: Adults aged 60 and over Jun 2009

Digital Lifestyles: Young adults aged 16-24  Jun 2009

Accessing the internet at home  Jun 2009

Digital Lifestyles: Adults aged 60 and over May 2009

Digital Lifestyles: Young adults aged 16-24  May 2009

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No one should miss out  Feb 2009


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Social Networking  Apr 2008


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