Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Usability and accessibility research

We believe in accessible communications for everyone.

This section covers research in a number of related areas: usability of devices and services, and accessibility, particularly in relation to older people and those with disabilities; specific communications technologies such as audio description and text relay; and the accessibility of communications services for the purposes of active citizenship.

We have conducted analysis looking at the proportion of UK adults who are digitally excluded, including those who do not use the internet or have access to the internet at home, or have access to any connected devices. This analysis looks at the likelihood of digital exclusion by a number of different characteristics including; age, living alone, having a condition that limits or impairs their use of communications services, being financially vulnerable, and having more than one of these characteristics. We also provide population estimates based on the analysis, which are provided as a range, with a lower and upper bound.

This analysis was conducted using Ofcom’s disability tracker 2020. This survey tracks the access and use of communications devices and services among non-disabled and disabled consumers, and monitoring disabled consumers’ limitations and preventions of use caused by their disability.

Disability tracker 2020: digital exclusion analysis (XLSX, 16.9 KB)

Disability tracker 2020: digital exclusion analysis – population estimates (XLSX, 19.5 KB)