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Fforddiadwyaeth a phrisio

This section contains publications in two related areas: the affordability of essential services, and research into the causes and incidence of unexpectedly high bills (bill shock).


Research into consumer views on the importance of communications services and their affordability Jul 2014

Affordability of communications services essential for participation: quantitative research  Jul 2014

Affordability of essential communications services: a qualitative research study  Jul 2014

Incidence of unexpectedly high bills: 2014 report May 2014                                                


Criteria to define essential telecoms services (literature review) Nov 2013

'Bill Shock' Online research in the contract mobile phone market Nov 2013

Telecoms debt omnibus data  Aug 2013


Mis-selling and bill shock Dec 2012


Unexpectedly high bills  Nov 2010


Transparency in Telephone Numbering research  Jul 2008