Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Adroddiad ar y Farchnad Gyfathrebu 2016

05 Awst 2015

There is also a summary report which draws on the findings of the 2016 Communications Market Report. Its aim is to underline the importance of communications to citizens and consumers and highlight how the market is changing in 2016, in a brief and accessible form. Read the Communications Market Report 2016 - Bitesize

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Y Farchnad Gyfathrebu: Y DU 3 Awst 2010

Digital detoxers are ditching their devices.

Y Farchnad Gyfathrebu: Cymru

4G mobile reaches nine in ten Welsh homes and offices.

Y Farchnad Gyfathrebu: Yr Alban

One in four people in Scotland ditch their device to digitally detox

Y Farchnad Gyfathrebu: Yr Alban 3 Awst

More people online than ever before

Y Farchnad Gyfathrebu: Rhyngwladol 10 Rhag

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