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Review of UKPM performance & domestic DTT receiver installations: implications for DTT coverage planning and interference modelling

18 Rhagfyr 2015

This document describes the findings of joint review of UK Planning Model (UKPM) by Ofcom, Arqiva and the BBC.

The two main aims of this review of the UKPM were to:

  1. Identify its ability to accurately predict DTT coverage;
  2. Consider the appropriateness of using the outputs of the UKPM in interference calculations.

Its key findings are:

  1. For predicting DTT coverage: the current planning assumptions used in the UKPM remain appropriate;
  2. For predicting the effects of DTT transmission changes and interference from other services on DTT reception: the DTT signal level predictions made by the UKPM should be used in conjunction with a more representative model for the gain of real world DTT aerial installations (which varies across the DTT coverage area).