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Nuisance calls

Ofcom’s regular research into nuisance calls measures the frequency of nuisance calls UK consumers receive on their home landline phone. We gather ‘real time’ data about these types of calls including date, time and duration of any nuisance calls, and a full description of the experience i.e. the company/person calling, what the call was about, and whether the caller’s telephone number was identifiable.

Ofcom monitors consumer experience of nuisance calls via its Consumer Complaints omnibus study. A nationally representative sample of UK landline users are asked about their personal experience of nuisance calls on their home landline phone ‘in the last four weeks’. Fieldwork is carried out bi-monthly to allow Ofcom to monitor any seasonal changes.


Nuisance calls panel  research Wave 3, 2014  May 2015


Ofcom and ICO  20 Research into the effectiveness of the Telephone Preference Services  Jul 2014

Nuisance calls panel research, May 2014 (wave 2)  May 2014


Nuisance calls panel research, May 2013  May 2013

Nuisance calls panel research  May 2013