Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Customer satisfaction with Oftel's complaint handling

26 Mawrth 2005

Oftel’s Consumer Representation Section (CRS) is responsible for answering and where possible dealing with or referring business and residential consumer complaints or enquiries. On average CRS receive around 8,000 contacts per month however, during this 6 month period this rose to almost 11,000. Around 85% of these are from residential consumers and 15% from businesses. Most contacts are complaints (80%) and 20% are enquiries. Approximately three-quarters of Oftel’s contacts are received by phone and a quarter in writing.

This is the final wave of research prior to Ofcom. The survey was designed to assess how satisfied customers are with the way in which Oftel handled their complaint or enquiry, and how Oftel’s performance compares with other companies and organisations. This report makes comparisons to data from the previous waves.

This report is based on the key findings from the forth wave of research of business and residential consumers’ perceptions of Oftel’s complaints handling procedure.The survey was conducted over a six-month period between May and October 2003, amongst 513 consumers.

Full report

Customer satisfaction with Oftel's complaint handling (PDF, 262.7 KB)