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Treialon DAB ar raddfa fach: adroddiad terfynol

26 Medi 2016

During 2015, Ofcom licensed and co-ordinated a trial of a new approach to DAB radio broadcasting which we are calling small-scale DAB. This document reports on the outcomes of the trial so far, particularly in relation to its three primary objectives, and sets out Ofcom's conclusions. This document concludes Ofcom's reporting to the Department of Culture, Media & Sport, which initiated, and made funding available for, the project.

Our report concludes that the trials were generally highly successful and achieved their three objectives. The trials showed that the small-scale approach to DAB transmission is technically sound, and they helped Ofcom, the triallists, and wider industry to understand the practical requirements for successfully sustaining DAB radio transmissions using the small scale approach.

In light of stakeholder and wider interest in the technical aspects of the trials, we are also publishing several separate technical documents and studies as annexes alongside this report. The technical documents contain more in-depth information on the technical development and operational aspects of the small scale trials, as well as technical studies on potential frequency availability for small scale DAB, a technical report on DAB receiver performance that we commissioned during the project, and some summary results of a survey of radio stations on small scale DAB that we carried out while preparing this report. The technical documents are available, alongside the main report, below.

Small scale DAB trials - Final report (PDF, 4.0 MB)- 28 Sep 2016