Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Market Impact Assessment: Proposed changes to BBC Three, BBC iPlayer, BBC One and CBBC

23 Gorffennaf 2010

In December 2014 the BBC proposed to make a set of changes to its UK Public Services. In particular:

  • the closure of BBC Three as a broadcast channel in the autumn of 2015;
  • its reinvention as an online-only offer;
  • the evolution of BBC iPlayer from primarily a catch-up service to one that offers online-first BBC content and select third-party content;
  • the launch of a +1 channel for BBC One;
  • extended hours for CBBC; and
  • increased investment in drama on BBC One.

The BBC’s Royal Charter and Agreement requires the BBC Trust to undertake a Public Value Test (PVT) before a decision is taken to make a significant change to its UK Public Services. The PVT comprises two elements – a Public Value Assessment (PVA) and a Market Impact Assessment (MIA).

The Terms of Reference for this MIA are published below.

For the purposes of conducting the MIA, Ofcom is seeking to answer a range of questions about the way in which the BBC’s proposed service changes affect the services (or potential future services) offered by other stakeholders.

A stakeholder questionnaire is published below that sets out the range of questions that Ofcom would like to receive stakeholder responses to.