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Market Impact Assessment of the BBC’s High Definition Television Proposals - A report of market research conducted for Ofcom by Illuminas

23 Gorffennaf 2010

This document reports the findings of market research conducted by Illuminas in order to inform Ofcom's MIA of the BBC's proposed High Definition TV channel

Executive Summary

Background, objectives and methodology

BBC HD is currently in a trial stage and is being offered over both Virgin Media V+ and Sky HD. It has been decided to apply a Public Value Test (PVT) to the BBC’s proposal to make the trial BBC HD channel permanent.

The central objective of this piece of research was to assess the possible impact of the BBC launching an HD channel.

The research comprised the following elements:

  • 400 x 30 minute, in home CAPI interviews with subscribers to HDTV; and
  • 10 x diary-depth interviews with respondents from the quantitative stage.

The full document is available below