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Market Impact Assessment: new Local Video proposals - Terms of Reference

23 Gorffennaf 2010

1 Oct: The BBC Trust's Public Value Assessment and provisional conclusions will now be published by the 27 November 2008. Ofcom will submit the MIA to the Trust so that it can be published on the same day.


The BBC Executive has proposed to launch an on-demand Local Video service delivered via fixed and mobile broadband internet connections.

The BBC’s Royal Charter and Agreement requires the BBC Trust to undertake a Public Value Test (PVT) of any proposals for significant changes to the BBC’s public services. The PVT has two elements, which run concurrently: a Public Value Assessment (PVA) conducted by the BBC Trust, and a Market Impact Assessment (MIA) conducted by Ofcom. The BBC Trust considers both assessments and publishes a consultation on its provisional conclusions before reaching a final decision.

The BBC Trust provides further information on the PVT process at:

Ofcom and the BBC Trust have established a Joint Steering Group (JSG) for the purpose of conducting MIAs. The JSG sets Terms of Reference for each MIA. The Terms of Reference for the Local Video MIA are published below. They include details of the BBC’s proposed service, the types of products and services Ofcom will consider in order to identify the potential impacts of the BBC’s proposal, the objectives and methodology, and a timetable. The substantive findings of the MIA are a matter for the judgment of Ofcom only.

To inform its MIA of the proposed BBC local video service, Ofcom invites representations about its effects on substitute, complementary or related products and services. Those effects might be existing or potential, positive or negative. A stakeholder questionnaire is published below. The deadline for responses is 5pm on 4 August 2008.