Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

The Future of Television Funding

19 Rhagfyr 2005


This independent research was commissioned by Ofcom from Human Capital to assist in the preparation of three consultations broadly concerned with the future funding of television programming.

The research was primarily aimed at answering three questions:

  • What do viewers think of the different ways commercial television is funded at the moment?
  • What do they think about some of the ways that are not allowed today, but may be possible options for the future?
  • Are viewers aware of the regulations that are currently in place? How do they feel about them?

The consultations are designed to consider whether three particular forms of funding might have a role to play in the future of television programmes:

  • Product placement
  • Channel sponsorship
  • Appeals for donations

The first two may also have a role to play in the future funding of radio (appeals for donations are already permitted on radio).

The research was qualitative in nature. This means it explored in some depth the views of respondents in order to give directional steers to Ofcom. As it is not a quantitative study, the results cannot be extrapolated to represent the views of the wider population. It contributed to the policy considerations but is not in itself conclusive about how the wider public feel about the various funding mechanisms that were considered

The research conclusions were part of the information taken into account by Ofcom in preparing its consultation documents, and will also inform any final decisions taken by Ofcom in these areas.

The full document is available below