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Prosiectau cyfredol - UHF: 700 MHz

16 Hydref 2019

UHF: 700 MHz

On 19 November 2014, Ofcom published a statement setting out our decision to make the 700 MHz band available for mobile data.

The 700 MHz band is currently used for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), Programme Making and Special Events (PMSE) services, and White Space devices.

The change will involve moving these services from the 700 MHz band to other frequencies, while continuing to secure the benefits they deliver. Using the band for mobile services will result in significant benefits to citizens and consumers with better and cheaper mobile broadband services.

Our objective is to make the band available for mobile as soon as practicable, by 2022 at the latest. On 11 March, we published a consultation on maximising the benefits of 700 MHz clearance. This set out proposals which would enable us to bring forward the point at which this spectrum is nationally available for mobile data to a target of no later than Q2 2020.

We also published a Call for Input on 31 March on managing the effects of clearance on DTT viewers and PMSE users.

Update: 16 October 2019

This update sets out information about the last clearance events for 2019 for the 700 MHz clearance programme.

700 MHz clearance programme update 16 October 2019 (PDF, 325.3 KB)

Update: 17 July 2019

This update sets out information regarding 700 MHz clearance events over the next quarter.

700 MHz clearance programme update 17 July 2019 (PDF, 274.3 KB)

Update: 4 April 2019

The 700 MHz clearance programme continues this month. This update sets out information on clearance events occurring over the next quarter.

700 MHz clearance programme update 4 April 2019 (PDF, 264.4 KB)

Rhaglen clirio 700 MHz: diweddariad 4 Ebrill 2019 (PDF, 287.7 KB)

Update: 27 February 2019

700 MHz clearance events will resume this month across the UK. This update provides information for viewers on upcoming events.

700 MHz clearance programme update 27 February 2019 (PDF, 183.0 KB)