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Rules and guidance, procedures and notifications

04 Rhagfyr 2015

Ofcom regulates editorial content (programming) on UK ‘video on demand’ services. Previously our co-regulator, the Authority for Television on Demand (ATVOD), led on this.

Providers of On Demand Programme Services (ODPS) are required by law to notify Ofcom before their service begins, and to advise Ofcom if the service closes or undergoes significant changes.

ODPS must comply with administrative and editorial content rules - see the “Rules and Guidance” document below.

Rules and Guidance (PDF, 209.2 KB)

Guidance notes on who needs to notify an on-demand programme service to Ofcom (PDF, 137.8 KB)

Guidance notes on how to notify an on-demand programme service to Ofcom (PDF, 190.0 KB)

VoD notification form (RTF, 2.3 MB)

Previous rules and guidance (PDF, 215.0 KB) - This archived rules and guidance is for reference only and relates to earlier versions of the administrative and editorial content rules. This guidance was produced by the predecessor regulator ATVOD