Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Award of grants 2015/16 Round 2

27 Ionawr 2016

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) confirmed the total of £377,000 for the Community Radio Fund for 2015. The amount awarded in the first round of grants was £160,782, leaving £216,218 for the second round of funding. A further £245 was added to the remaining amount following a small grant underspend.

In summary, at the meeting:

  • 57 applications for grants were considered
  • The total amount of funding requested in these applications was £944,001
  • 16 applicants were awarded grants which totalled £216,463
  • 41 applicants were not awarded a grant

The Panel reviewed each application and awarded funding based on the information provided, and with reference to the Community Radio Fund guidance notes. The Panel’s decisions were to make a full award, a partial award or not to award any funding.

The average grant in this round was £13,877; the size of award ranged from £3,054 to £18,417. A table setting out the awards is at the end of this statement.

Issues of note arising from the Panel meeting

The Panel felt that, as much as possible, grants from the Community Radio Fund should help further a station’s financial stability and future sustainability. Therefore proposals to promote long-term financial security and posts which could become self-sustaining were favoured by the Panel over applications for other support roles.

With regard to the applications considered in this funding round, the Panel would like to make the following points:

  • The Panel has a limited amount of funding available, and so cannot make grants to all applicant stations.
  • The Panel emphasised the importance of section 2 of the application form which gives an insight into the station’s output, target community and achievements.
  • The Panel found some applications did not clearly express why the grant was needed, and some had inconsistencies and mistakes (in financial calculations, for example), some did not supply job descriptions or supporting company financial data.
  • For a role which aims to raise funds for a station the Panel considered that as a minimum the post holder should aim to raise the equivalent of their own salary, as well as securing funding towards station costs. This makes the role self-sustaining and likely to continue once the grant has been spent. The Panel wanted to see clear financial targets set for such posts.
  • Applicants should explain how the role or project would contribute to the financial sustainability of the station.
  • In the Panel’s experience, newly licensed stations sometimes apply too early and before they have properly worked out what their station needs. As a result applications often lacked sufficient evidence that the grant will help future financial sustainability. (New stations should note that a grant from the Fund is not guaranteed for all licensees).
  • A number of applicants requested funding for items that the Fund will not support. The guidance notes set out what is funded and there is an ‘exclusions list’ (annex A).
  • The panel would draw applicants’ attention to HMRC’s guidance on determining the employment status of workers, when they are preparing (and costing) job descriptions. (This has implications for the way tax and National Insurance contributions are calculated and whether or not PAYE (Pay As You Earn) is operated on their earnings.)

Summary of grants awarded in January 2016 (second round for 2015/16) 

Station Name






Sustainability Officer


Academy FM Thanet


Sales Person


Akash Radio Leeds


Business Development Officer


An Radio / An Rèidio

Outer Hebrides

Business Development Manager


BANG Radio

Harlesden, London

Station /Business Development Manager


Frome FM


Fundraising and Communications Manager


Irvine Beat FM


Production and Sustainability Manager


Legacy 90.1


Business Development Manager


Môn FM

Isle of Anglesey /Ynys Môn

Business and Development Officer


Penwith Radio


Community Outreach Worker / Advertising Salesperson


Point FM


Sales and Community Development officer


Radio Dawn


Community Outreach & Marketing Coordinator


Reprezent 107.3FM

SE London

Station/Business Manager


Salford City Radio


Commercial Campaign Co-ordinator


Source FM


Cross Station Fundraiser to work with Source FM and Radio St Austell Bay


Switch Radio

NE Birmingham

Funding Officer


January 2016