EMF calculator

01 March 2021

To help licensees assess compliance with the EMF licence condition, we have developed a simple EMF calculator.

Licensees can enter basic parameters of their radio system (frequency and transmitter power) into the calculator. Based on this, the calculator will calculate a separation distance that the licensee can maintain between the radio equipment and members of the general public in order to demonstrate compliance. Licensees can print the output of the EMF calculator and keep this with their licence as evidence of compliance.

Download the EMF calculator (XLSX, 56.8 KB)

This calculator is just one method of assessing and demonstrating compliance. More detailed information on acceptable methods for assessing and demonstrating compliance are included in our Guidance on EMF Compliance and Enforcement.

Calculator limitations

This calculator has been designed to allow licensees to simply and easily assess compliance, without the need for technical knowledge. It therefore uses simplified assumptions and will produce conservative results. In some cases, it may significantly overestimate the separation distance that is strictly needed to ensure compliance with the ICNIRP general public limits. Licensees can undertake a more detailed analysis, e.g. by using a more advanced assessment tool or by seeking help from a professional installer, and this would likely result in smaller separation distances.