Temporary Covid-19 short-term restricted service licence

29 October 2021

The Temporary short-term restricted service licence that Ofcom made available at the start of lockdown in 2020 is no longer available.

Our update in June 2021 (see below) set out that once a Government has announced that restrictions are lifted in the area being served, we will no longer offer Temporary Covid-19 SRSLs in that Nation affected by the announcement.

We have now seen restrictions lifted across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales such that we no longer consider these licences appropriate to offer. As such, Temporary Covid-19 SRSLs are no longer available.

Conventional (that is, non-Temporary Covid-19) SRSLs are not affected by this update and remain available to apply for in line with our published guidance notes for applicants and licensees (PDF, 419.2 KB).