Applications received for community radio licences: March 2019

04 June 2019

In December 2018 we invited applications for licences to provide community radio services in 43 areas for which we had received expressions of interest.

Invitation of applications

Ofcom invited applications for services operating on FM only. No areas are excluded on the basis of frequency availability, but this does not indicate that a suitable frequency will be available in every area. The closing date for applications was 26 March 2019.

Invitation of applications for community radio licences (PDF, 196.3 KB)

List of applicants

This is a list of applications received by the closing date. The proposed service area for each station in the list is taken from the application.

List of applicants (PDF, 95.2 KB)

Community Radio licence applications

Alfred Shaftsbury

Border City Radio

Bux FM

Cheshire FM

Chesterfield Radio

Chiltern Voice

Coast and County Radio

Cross Counties Radio

Croydon FM

Digital Hits One

Dover Community Radio

East Coast Radio

Elastic FM

LCR Lutterworth

Listen Lanarkshire

ME2U Community Radio Croydon

Methyr Radio

Phase Radio

Pulse Radio Wales

Radio 3C

Radio Ballymena

Radio Henna

Radio Melksham

Radio Scarborough

Radio West Fife

Radio Wimborne

Rainbow Radio

Sam Radio

Select Radio

Severn Air

Sound Radio

Thornbury Radio

Voice of the community

Wallingford Community Radio

West Kent Community Radio