Region 11: AM: Locations throughout the UK, excluding London and areas within the M25

06 December 2016

Application forms submitted by all applicants for Region 11 licences, December 2016

AM-Rock (PDF, 513.6 KB) (Thanet, Canterbury and Dover, East Kent)

Ark AM (PDF, 755.0 KB) (Glasgow)

Carillon Wellbeing Radio (PDF, 427.4 KB) (West Leicestershire)

Indus Radio (PDF, 1.0 MB) (Birmingham)

Leicestershire Community Talk Radio (PDF, 404.0 KB) (Leicestershire)

Panj Baani Radio (PDF, 430.5 KB) (Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Derbyshire)

Panj Pani Radio (PDF, 617.2 KB) (Nuneaton and Bedworth, Warwickshire)

Radio Caroline (PDF, 507.8 KB) (Suffolk)

Radio Central (PDF, 502.6 KB) (Inner city Birmingham)

Radio Ninesprings (PDF, 804.9 KB) (Yeovil and the District of South Somerset)

Radio Seerah (PDF, 889.2 KB) (Inner city Leicester)