Radio broadcast update - January 2023

10 February 2023

Digital Radio

Analogue Commercial Radio

Analogue Community Radio

Digital Radio

Local/national DAB multiplex variations

The following multiplex variations were agreed during this period:


Addition of Juice Radio  - A young output format station aimed at 16–35-year-olds with an interest in events, nightlife, culture and days out.

North East Wales & West Cheshire

Small-scale DAB multiplex licence awards

The following small-scale radio multiplex licence awards were made during this period:

Licence areaSuccessful applicant company


Coast DAB Limited


UlsterMUX Limited


Northampton DAB CIC


Southampton Digital Radio Limited


Wolverhampton DAB Limited

Publication of small-scale DAB multiplex coverage maps

Note that Ofcom has now published coverage maps, including transmitter details, for all small-scale DAB radio multiplexes currently on the air (23 multiplexes at this present time). Further coverage maps will be published for new multiplexes as they come on the air.

Digital sound programme service (DSP) and digital additional sound (DAS) licences issued during this period

LicenseeService name

Creative Community Media CIC

Dance Asia Radio

Essentials Media Ltd

Radio Essentials

Rhema Star Ltd

R360 Radio

Communicast Ltd

Basingstoke Now

Digital sound programme service (DSP) and Digital additional sound (DAS) licences transferred during in this period

Service namePrevious LicenseeNew Licensee
Union JackJack Media National LtdLike Broadcasting North Ltd

Digital sound programme service (DSP) and Digital additional sound (DAS) licences which have ceased to be licensed (handed back or revoked) in this period

LicenseeService name
Laurie BurnetteJazz London Radio

Community digital sound programme service (C-DSP) applications received during this period

LicenseeService nameArea

Hospital Radio Plymouth

Hospital Radio Plymouth


Vale of Glamorgan Broadcasting CIC

Bro Radio


The Pakistan Muslim Centre (Sheffield) Limited

Link FM

Sheffield & Rotherham

Community digital sound programme service (C-DSP) licences issued during this period

LicenseeService nameArea

Radio PANJ Limited

Radio Panj



ROQ Raw Radio

Milton Keynes

Analogue Commercial Radio

Analogue commercial radio licences which have ceased to be licensed  in this period

LicenseeService nameReason

Bauer Media Audio Limited

Greatest Hits Radio

(Bradford / Huddersfield)


Bauer Radio Limited

Greatest Hits Radio



Bauer Radio Limited

Greatest Hits Radio



Analogue Community Radio

Community Radio Fund – Round 2, 2022-23

The second round of the Community Radio Fund 2022-23 closed for applications on Friday 16 December. The awarding Panel will meet in February 2023 to consider the applications.

For further information, please contact Ofcom's Community Radio team at

Licence extensions granted in this period

A five year extension has been granted to the following:

Service nameLicenseeLocationNew expiry date
10 Radio10Radio CICSomerset 21 January 2028

Swindon 105.5

Community Radio Swindon Limited


15 March 2028

East Devon Radio

East Devon Radio Ltd


29 March 2028

Coverage improvement and extension requests

Coverage extensions agreed:

See the guidance notes for the range of factors we take into account when considering these requests (in particular, paragraphs 2.46-2.49).


Radio Winchcombe

Current licence areaWinchcombe

Extended licence area

Winchcombe, Bishops Cleeve and the surrounding areas

Reasons for agreeing to the extension

Increase in licensed area: An extension via a relay at Bishops Cleeve was AGREED, because, while the resulting coverage was considered to be a significant increase in the licensed area, the decision-maker deemed there to be exceptional circumstances in order to approve the request.

Exceptional circumstances:

Ofcom considered that there were ‘exceptional circumstances’ to justify an increase that would be reasonably considered to be significant. The increase in the adult population figures, in terms of actual numbers, is high.However, the licensee provided evidence demonstrating how the proposed extension would serve members of the community who do not currently have access to a local community radio service. Additionally, the licensee highlighted that the existing service would be relevant for the proposed new areas, but that they intend to expand their offering to ensure that the proposed extended areas would be provided with local news and information to complement the existing service, which increases their provision of social gain across the wider area.

Other considerations:

  • The Licensee applied for an extension to its coverage to cover   the nearby village of Bishops Cleeve, as well as surrounding areas, including   the villages of Woodmancote, Southam and Gotherington.
  • The Licensee demonstrated a clear affinity between Winchcombe   and Bishops Cleeve, noting that the villages share a Parliamentary   constituency and representation at local government, and that frequent travel   between the two areas is common for work and education.
  • While Ofcom considered that the increase in the adult population   covered by the service was significant, this is in large part because the   size of the original licensed area is particularly small, and so any increase   in the coverage area would likely be deemed significant. Ofcom took this into   consideration when making a decision on the application.
  • We were satisfied that this application met the statutory   criteria for a coverage extension, because it does not encroach into another   major population conurbation and instead proposes to serve the surrounding areas   of the existing coverage area. Additionally, the licensee demonstrated in its   application that it already completes outside broadcasts from the proposed   extended area, but residents from the area who are unable to attend the local   community events are unable to listen to the output.
  • The Licensee highlighted the additional social gain benefits   which could be provided via the expanded coverage area, including the   expansion of its training offering for young people to schools in the wider   area, as well as the coverage of more local events and local news from   throughout the proposed area. The Licensee also noted that a number of its   existing presenters already live in the proposed extension area, and is   confident that the expanded coverage area would attract a greater number of   volunteers to the station, in turn widening its provision of social gain.
  • Alongside its application, the Licensee provided evidence of   demand and support for the service to be extended to the wider area,   including from Gotherington Parish Council and both community and commercial   businesses in the wider area, as well as residents expressing a desire to   listen to the service on FM from the surrounding villages who are currently   unable to receive the service. This demonstrated a high level of support, in   a wider area which is not covered by any other local radio service at   present.
  • By allowing Radio Winchcombe to extend its licensed area and   increase its popularity in the wider area, the decision-maker suggested that   this could support the licensee in its ability to maintain the service for   the duration of the licence.
  • Given the modest size of the existing coverage area, Ofcom   considers this application meets the policy for exceptional circumstances,   and has therefore approved this extension application. The Licensee clearly   demonstrated an affinity between the constituent parts of the extended   coverage area, as well as a significant demand and support for the service,   and Ofcom is satisfied that, through this coverage extension, the Licensee   will be able to expand its provision of social gain to a wider population.

Please note:

The success of an application is, amongst other things, dependent on frequency availability and whether there may be an increase in harmful outgoing interference to other stations. In every case we need to take account of other services (community, commercial and BBC) on the same frequency or an adjacent one to yours (or to a frequency that we may be considering for a relay). Please see the guidance document (PDF, 325.1 KB) for further information.