Draw results for short-term analogue radio broadcasts (SRSLs) for June/July 2016

09 November 2015

At the end of March 2016, Ofcom held a number of draws for short-term restricted service licences ('SRSLs') for June and July 2016. Due to the high demand for SRSL broadcasts during this period, and the limited number of FM frequencies available in many areas of the UK, a draw between competing applicants needed to be held for the areas listed in the table below.

The draw winners listed below will not necessarily be granted a licence by Ofcom, since their applications will still be subject to our usual checks.

The draw winners were as follows:

Draw 1 Shakila HanifRadio Ramadhan BradfordBradford
Draw 2Jabbar Karim Islam  FMLeeds
Draw 3Atif HafeezRadio RamadanHuddersfield
Draw 4Arshad MahmoodRadio Ramadhan


Draw 5Zahid SheikhRadio Ramadhan         Leicester

Application update and draw process for short-term analogue radio broadcasts during June/July 2016

Ofcom has received a large number of short-term Restricted Service Licence (RSL) applications for June/July 2016, which is a peak period of RSL activity. In keeping with our practice in previous years, we will conduct a draw to decide which applicants will be considered for licensing in geographical areas where we have received more than one licence application.

The draw will be held at Ofcom’s offices in central London on Thursday 31 March 2016, from 3.15pm to 3.45pm. The results of the draw (including a video of the draw taking place) will be posted on our website a few days later, and all applicants who have been entered into the draw will be individually informed of the outcome of the draw. The application fees will be taken around this time, so please make sure there are sufficient funds in your account to cover this.

Note that success in the draw does not automatically mean that a licence will subsequently be granted by Ofcom, as all draw winners will be subject to our usual checks on applicants.

Anyone wishing to attend the draw in person at Ofcom’s offices should email rsl.enquiries@ofcom.org.uk for details of how to attend.

Draw schedule for June/July 2016 applications:

A glossary of terms used can be found at the end of each report.

DrawAreaNumber of Applicants

Note that other applications received for RSL broadcasts during June/July 2016 which are outside of the geographical areas listed above will be considered for licences in the normal way.

Application process for short-term RSLs during June and July 2016

Applicants wishing to broadcast a short-term Restricted Service Licence ('SRSL') service on any dates between Friday 03 June and Sunday 10 July 2016 (inclusive) should apply during our application 'window' opening on Thursday 26 November 2015 and closing on Thursday 10 December 2015.

In geographical locations where only one application is received, we may be able to offer a licence to that applicant in the usual way. However, the religious festival of Ramadan falls within this period and, based on previous experience, Ofcom expects to receive a large number of applications to operate SRSL stations during June and early July. Consequently, in some places in the UK, due to the high demand for SRSL broadcasts  and the limited number of FM frequencies available, we expect to have to allocate licences by way of a draw instead of our usual 'first come, first served' policy.

In addition, applicants for licences to serve geographical locations elsewhere within a wider region may be competing for frequencies with each other, even though the specific broadcast areas they wish to cover do not directly overlap. We may also have to enter such applications into a draw.

Ofcom has recently introduced a new application form (PDF, 1.0 MB) and accompanying guidance notes for SRSL applicants and licensees. We will not accept applications submitted using previous versions of the SRSL application form. It is important that applicants carefully read the new guidance notes because they contain some changes to our previous licensing processes.

All prospective applicants should note the following:

  1. Only a signed application form accompanied by a cheque for the application fee of £400, can be considered for a licence award or, if necessary, participation in a draw. (Please note that any problems with payment of the application fee, such as a bounced cheque, will also mean an application will not be eligible). If an application is deemed incomplete (for example, it is missing proof of identification, or an appropriate support letter) then Ofcom may subsequently request the information if the application is for a non-contested area. However, if the area requires a draw due to the receipt of multiple applications, only complete applications will be forwarded to the draw process. Incomplete applications will be rejected and the £400 application fee returned.
  2. Multiple applications for a licence to cover a particular event from a single group, including applications submitted under different names but where each named person is connected to the others, will not be accepted.
  3. Applications for a service linked to a religious event, such as Ramadan, must include a letter of support from the head of an appropriate local religious body or place of worship (see paragraph 26 on page 6 of the SRSL guidance notes).
  4. In addition to the £400 application fee, successful applicants will be required to pay two licence fees (one for a broadcasting licence, and the other for a wireless telegraphy licence). We will not confirm frequencies or issue licences to successful applicants until the required fees have been paid.
  5. No subsequent changes to proposed transmitter sites will be permitted, other than where a change is necessary due to an emergency (i.e. circumstances beyond the applicant's control).
  6. All broadcasts on RSLs must comply with the Ofcom Broadcasting Code and other relevant Ofcom codes. In particular, for any broadcast charity appeals, the broadcaster needs to take reasonable steps to satisfy itself that the charity appeal organisation concerned can produce satisfactory evidence of charitable status, or, in the case of an emergency appeal, that a responsible public fund has been set up to deal with it. We may subsequently ask broadcasters for information about how much money was raised in any appeal, the recipient organisation and for evidence that all the funds raised have been used for charitable purposes.

Next steps

Ofcom intends to hold the draws during March 2016 (see paragraph 34 on page 7 of the SRSL guidance notes for further details of the draw process). We will inform successful applicants of the draw result once technical checks have verified the availability of a suitable frequency, and payment of the application fee has cleared through our bank.

Applicants are reminded that SRSL application fees are not normally refundable. Therefore, if an application is unsuccessful in a draw process, the application fee will not be refunded. Similarly, the fee will not be refunded if an applicant subsequently decides to withdraw its application. Applications which are successful in the draw will remain subject to Ofcom's usual application assessment process, so applicants should note that success in the draw is not necessarily a guarantee of the award of a licence.

Any application for a licence to provide a service between Friday 3 June and Sunday 10 July 2016 (inclusive) should be submitted between Thursday 26th November and Thursday 10 December 2015, using the new application form.

Any application to broadcast in June or July 2016 that is received after the application window closes on 10 December can still be considered for a licence, but only if it is for a broadcast in an area for which we have not already received an application, and will be subject to frequency availability.

If you require any further details about this process, or the new application form, please send an email to: rsl.enquiries@ofcom.org.uk