Aeronautical radio

14 September 2018

Aeronautical radio licensing covers aircraft radio licences, aeronautical ground station licences and navigation aids, including radar. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is the UK agency responsible for air safety and is also responsible for managing aeronautical radio assignments. The CAA distributes all aeronautical radio licences on behalf of Ofcom.

Update 14 September 2018: Ofcom to issue aeronautical radio licences

From 2 November 2018, Ofcom will issue and administer aeronautical radio licences. The CAA will cease all administrative activities around radio licensing on 31 October 2018. However, the CAA will continue to be responsible for assigning radio frequencies to aeronautical stations, as that is part of the CAA’s statutory duties along with issuing Air Navigation Order safety approvals.

For further information, see the FAQs below. If you have any questions about aeronautical radio licensing between now and 31 October 2018, please contact the CAA.