Business radio stakeholder meetings

25 July 2017

We regularly meet with stakeholders to discuss issues relating to business radio.

We have two groups which meet in Riverside House in London or Baldock Radio Station in Hertfordshire:

  • Business Radio Interest Group (BRIG)
  • Business Radio Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

See upcoming meeting dates and materials used in recent meetings below. For information about the groups, contact

Business Radio Interest Group

BRIG is a forum for all regulatory issues relating to business radio spectrum below 470 MHz. We host meetings to:

  • Engage with industry on their views on technical aspects
  • Review key documentation such as technical frequency allocation criteria and interface requirements
  • Enable industry to develop codes of practice
  • Work with industry to consider a long-term strategy for the business radio market.

The next meeting is 10 November 2017 from 11.00-14.00 in Riverside House,

Business Radio Technical Advisory Group

TAG is a sub-group of BRIG to take forward and examine technical issues of the day. See the TAG terms of reference (PDF, 18.0 KB).