PMSE fees

10 February 2015

There are two methods for paying for frequencies:

Standard payment - by credit/debit card, cheque, cash or bank transfer
- Our pre-payment scheme, which offers a discount for high-volume users

and two charging structures, dependent on type of use:

48hr - For temporary assignments or long-term outdoor, high power assignments
Fixed site
- For long-term, indoor, low power assignments

There are only two exceptions to this:

UK Wireless Microphone Licences - UK-wide, yearly or two-yearly
Sound Links (studio to transmitter)
- 30-day RSL licences available

Please note: We must receive payment before we can assign any frequencies.

There is a minimum fee of £28.00 for all jobs completed in-house. This does not apply for online bookings, so please check whether it is possible to book online before sending your application.

A £55.00 premium fee is added to all bookings completed by our out-of-hours planner (After 17:00 and at weekends)

Applications that do not have sufficient details for us to complete the work may be delayed.


Our refund policy is outlined in the Licensing Policy Manual.

Refunds are only applicable when an applicant has paid for a service, but we are unable to provide that service due to lack of available spectrum. The only other instance where a refund is permitted is when we have made an administrative mistake (such as overcharging).