Consultation: Ofcom’s three-year media literacy strategy

Published: 29 April 2024
Consultation closes: 24 June 2024
Status: Closed (pending statement)
Last updated: 18 July 2024

Media literacy has been an important part of Ofcom’s role since it was established in 2003 when the Communications Act directed Ofcom to research and promote media literacy across the UK. This publication marks a significant milestone as Ofcom’s first public articulation of a multi-year media literacy strategy in 20 years.

Today, we live in a world of unprecedented media and communications abundance. News and entertainment flood our screens and devices continuously, platforms enable limitless social interactions, and the ability to navigate and evaluate online services critically is increasingly essential to our daily lives. Advancing media literacy is crucial to ensuring that people can navigate content safely and flourish online.

Of course, perspectives on how media literacy best achieves this goal can vary. Ofcom now defines media literacy as “the ability to use, understand and create media and communications across multiple formats and services”. Media literacy therefore has a foundational role to play in our overall mission to “make communications work for everyone”, and our priorities for people in the UK to access media they trust and value and to live a safer life online.

While Ofcom has an important role to play, media literacy must be the responsibility of everyone – online platforms in particular, but also parents, educators, third-sector organisations, providers of health and social care, professionals working with children, and others. To realise the full potential of media literacy in the UK, contributions and collaboration from all corners is essential.

We value your engagement with Ofcom’s consultation and ask that as you consider your responses, you also reflect on the unique contributions that you and your organisation can make to support the advancement of media literacy across the UK.

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