Addressing harmful online content

Published: 18 September 2018
Last updated: 12 October 2023

Ofcom has published a discussion document examining the area of harmful online content (PDF, 688.4 KB).

In the UK and around the world, a debate is underway about whether regulation is needed to address a range of problems that originate online, affecting people, businesses and markets.

The discussion document is intended as a contribution to that debate, drawing on Ofcom's experience of regulating the UK’s communications sector, and broadcasting in particular. It draws out the key lessons from the regulation of content standards – for broadcast and on-demand video services – and the insights that these might provide to policy makers into the principles that could underpin any new models for addressing harmful online content.

The UK Government intends to legislate to improve online safety, and to publish a White Paper this winter. Any new legislation is a matter for Government and Parliament, and Ofcom has no view about the institutional arrangements that might follow.

Alongside the discussion paper, Ofcom has published joint research with the Information Commissioner’s Office on people’s perception, understanding and experience of online harm. The survey of 1,686 adult internet users finds that 79% have concerns about aspects of going online, and 45% have experienced some form of online harm. The study shows that protection of children is a primary concern, and reveals mixed levels of understanding around what types of media are regulated.


Addressing harmful online content (PDF, 688.4 KB)

Mynd i’r afael â chynnwys niweidiol ar-lein (PDF, 188.5 KB)

Internet users’ experience of harm online: summary of research (PDF, 543.5 KB)

Internet users’ experience of harm online: data tables (PDF, 7.4 MB)

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