Life Online: Ofcom launches online safety podcast

Published: 25 May 2023
Last updated: 25 May 2023

Ofcom has today launched Life Online, a new podcast diving into themes around online safety. Across the series we talk to experts about what really happens online, how people feel about it, and what can be done to help everyone live safer lives online.

The first episode of Life Online from Ofcom discusses misinformation, disinformation, and how to identify it. Our latest research shows that 30% people fail to question misinformation, while 6% - one in every 20 internet users - believe everything they see.

We speak to Rebecca Skippage, the BBC’s Disinformation Editor, Luca Antilli, Ofcom’s Head of Media Literacy Research, and Professor Rasmus Nielsen from the Reuters Institute, to unpack these findings and understand what they mean for the spread of misinformation.

Listen to The Genuine Article: Tackling Misinformation

The Online Safety Bill is currently being debated in Parliament and will grant Ofcom new responsibilities to help keep people safe online. The bill sets out new rules that social media platforms must follow, seeking to protect people from harmful and illegal content while upholding freedom of speech.

With a new episode every month, Life Online from Ofcom will explore how the Online Safety Bill impacts all of us. We’ll discuss themes including how to protect children from online harm, how to tackle terrorism online and how tech platforms will need to innovate to follow these new rules. Join us for a journey into Life Online.

Where can I listen and subscribe to Life Online?

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