Knowing your rights

Published: 13 October 2022

Communications services are essential to businesses, but are you aware of the rights and protections that are in place to help you?

Businesses are protected by Ofcom's 'General Conditions' – the rules that communications providers must follow. We outline the main aspects of the General Conditions and how they protect business customers.

The Business Broadband Speeds Code of Practice came into force on 30 September 2016. This code aims to provide business customers with accurate and transparent speed information on standard business broadband services at the point of sale.

What to do if you have been given misleading information, or switched accidentally or without your consent

If you have concerns about 'mis-selling', where you have been given misleading information about a contract or provider, you should contact the provider in question for more information or to complain.

If you believe you have been switched without your consent, known as 'slamming', either accidentally or under suspicious circumstances, you should contact both your providers immediately and explain what has happened.

You can also contact Ofcom about mis-selling or slamming. We cannot act on individual complaints, but the information you provide can be used to inform our enforcement and policy work.

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