Extending Premium Rate Services Regulation to 087 Numbers

Published: 2 May 2008
Consultation closes: 16 June 2008
Status: Closed (statement published)

NTS calls combine the call routing features of non-geographic numbers with a payment mechanism

1.1 Number Translation Services (‘NTS’) calls are calls to 08 numbers (‘NTS numbers’), though as explained later in the document, there are a few exceptions.

1.2 NTS numbers are examples of non-geographic numbers in that the number dialled does not relate to a specific geographic location, but instead relates to a particular service. At a technical level, the NTS number dialled by a caller is ‘translated’ by the network to a geographic number to deliver the call to its destination. Often, the translation is provided in conjunction with other call routing services that help businesses answer calls more efficiently. These include distribution of calls between multiple sites, routing calls according to the caller’s location, recorded announcements and emergency call routing to an alternative location in event of a fire or flood etc.

1.3 Another important aspect of NTS calls is that they are generally charged at higher rates than ordinary calls and (with the exception of Freephone calls) the service provider who uses the number may receive a share of the call charge to help pay for the service supplied. Alternatively a share of the call charge may be used to pay for the call routing services mentioned above.

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