Conditions regulating Sexual Entertainment Services

Published: 9 November 2006
Consultation closes: 14 December 2006
Status: Closed (statement published)

Ofcom has decided to proceed with the proposed modifications to the PRS Condition, the Plan and to General Condition 17. However, in recognition of concerns that Ofcom had underestimated the time required to implement new price points in the ‘098’ number range and for advertisements to be revised in some media, whilst acknowledging that the probability of both the numbering and media issues applying to the same services is likely to be small, Ofcom has agreed to extend the migration timescale from six to eight months.

Ofcom is also satisfied that the statutory requirements for modifying the PRS Condition are met in respect of the amendment. In that regard, Ofcom believes the inclusion of all SES within the same regulatory controls is consistent with the principles of transparency, proportionality and non-discrimination.

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