Improving compensation for landline and broadband customers

Published: 5 November 2020
Last updated: 16 March 2023

Access to high quality, reliable communications services is essential in today’s connected society, particularly as people adapt the way they live, work and communicate in the wake of Covid-19. But things can go wrong, which may affect people’s ability to get online and make calls. Making sure problems are resolved quickly and customers are compensated fairly where appropriate is an essential part of our Fairness for Customers work.

Ofcom launched the telecoms industry’s first ever automatic compensation scheme (the scheme) for broadband and landline customers in April 2019. Under the scheme, customers receive compensation from their provider, without having to ask for it, for delayed repairs or provisions, and missed appointments. The scheme is voluntary, with the UK’s largest broadband and landline providers signed up.

The following report sets out our review of the first year of the scheme.

Improving compensation for landline and broadband customers: Review of the automatic compensation scheme (PDF, 434.0 KB)

Gwella’r iawndal i gwsmeriaid llinell dir a band eang: Adolygu’r cynllun iawndal awtomatig (PDF, 155.2 KB)

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