Social tariffs: Cheaper broadband and phone packages

Published: 6 March 2024

Social tariffs are cheaper broadband and phone packages for people claiming Universal Credit, Pension Credit and some other benefits. Some providers call them ‘essential’ or ‘basic’ broadband.

They’re delivered in the same way as normal packages, just at a lower price. Amid rising living costs, Ofcom is encouraging companies to offer social tariffs to help customers on low incomes.

Take a look at our list of available tariffs

Some providers offer cheaper broadband packages that are only available to customers on certain benefits. BT and KCOM also provide cheaper voice-only landline tariffs to eligible households. Details of these are in the BT and KCOM links below.

Who could qualify

If you or someone in your household claims Universal Credit, you could switch to any of the tariffs available.

All major providers also include people on Pension Credit, Employment and Support Allowance, Jobseeker’s Allowance and Income Support.

Some providers might include additional benefits, like Personal Independence Payment and Attendance Allowance.

The person receiving the benefit needs to be the main person on the contract.

How to apply

First, check if your current provider offers a social tariff. Our table below lists all of the tariffs available now. You can apply for most tariffs online, or call your provider and ask to switch.

If your provider doesn’t offer a social tariff, you can switch to one that does. Your provider might let you leave your current contract without paying a penalty fee. Read our guide to switching broadband to find out more.

Full list of broadband and phone social tariffs

Start typing the name of a provider. The table will update as you type.
A list of broadband and phone social tariffs
PackagePrice Average speed Where it's available*
4th Utility Social Tariff £13.99 a month 30 Mbit/s England
BT Home Essentials No Income*** £15 a month 36 Mbit/s UK
BT Home Essentials Unlimited 36 Mbp/s £20 a month 36 Mbit/s UK
BT Home Essentials Unlimited 67 Mbp/s£23 a month67 Mbit/sUK
Community Fibre Essential £12.50 a month 35 Mbit/s England (London)
Connect Fibre Basic Essentials £20 per month 50 Mbit/s England (Cambridgeshire, Essex, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and Derbyshire)
Connect Fibre Essentials£25 per month150 Mbit/sEngland (Cambridgeshire, Essex, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and Derbyshire)
Country Connect Social Tariff £15 a month 50 Mbit/s Wales (Newport)
County Broadband Essential Broadband Tariff£15 per month15 Mbit/sEngland (East of England)
EE Basics £12 a month Up to 25 Mbit/s UK
Fibrus Full Fibre Essential£14.99 a month50 Mbit/sNorthern Ireland and Cumbria
G.Network Essential Fibre Broadband £15 a month 50 Mbit/s England (London)
Grayshott Gigabit Connect £19 a month 100 Mbit/s England
Hey!Broadband Everyday Fibre £16 per month 100 Mbit/s England (South East England)
Hyperoptic Fair Fibre 50 £15 a month 50 Mbit/s England, Scotland, Wales
Hyperoptic Fair Fibre 150 £20 a month 150 Mbit/s England, Scotland, Wales
KCOM Full Fibre Flex £14.99 a month 30 Mbit/s England (Hull)
Lightning Fibre Social Tariff £15 a month 50 Mbit/s England (East Sussex and Kent)
Lothian Broadband Social Tariff £19.99 a month 100 Mbit/s Scotland (Lothian)
NOW Broadband Basics £20 a month 36 Mbit/s UK
Quickline Social Tariff£16.50 a month100  Mbit/sEngland (Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)
RunFibre social tariff£20 a month100 Mbit/sEngland (South Gloucestershire)
Shell Essentials Fast Broadband £15 a month11 Mbit/sUK
Shell Essentials Fibre Broadband£20 a month38 Mbit/sUK
Sky Broadband Basics £20 a month 36 Mbit/s UK
SMARTY Social Tariff £12 a month 5G where available UK
Truespeed Basic£20 a month30 Mbit/sEngland (South West)
Virgin Media Essential Broadband £12.50 a month 15 Mbit/s UK
Virgin Media Essential Broadband Plus £20 a month 54 Mbit/s UK
Vodafone Fibre 2 Essentials£20 per month73 Mbit/sUK
VOXI For Now £10 a month 5G where available UK
Wildanet Helping Hand Social Tariff** £20 a month 30-100 Mbit/s England (Cornwall and Devon)
WightFibre Essential Broadband £16.50 a month 100 Mbit/s England (Isle of Wight)
YouFibre Social Tariff£15 a month50 Mbit/sUK (various locations)

* Providers might not cover all premises in the regions listed. Check the provider's website for more information about coverage, or use our broadband coverage checker.

** Wildanet's tariff is only available to those who receive Universal Credit. They are considering including other benefits.

***(BT Home Essentials No Income is available to recipients of Universal Credit who have zero income).

Other support might be available to customers who cannot get online. If you’re struggling to pay your mobile phone or broadband bill, speak to your provider as soon as possible to see how they can help.

Tips for cutting your costs

Concerned about rising living costs, lots of people are looking at ways to save money on the services they use every day. This includes phone, broadband and pay-TV services.

Take a look at our tips to see if they could help you.

You might also like to read this leaflet produced by the UK Regulators Network, a group of regulators from different sectors. The leaflet offers information about cost-of-living support and advice for people in debt.

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